Fundamental Energy

10% of total market volume

FET is a key electricity market maker, creating 10% of total trading volume in select markets on an average day. Helping to ease the renewable transition by increasing price fairness and efficiency.

6 Years of profitability

The company has been profitable since its inception in 2016, thanks to its exceptional market risk management. This has allowed it to maintain its upward trajectory even during extreme market volatility.

Powered by AI

Based on proprietary algorithmic trading models that adapt to all market conditions with limited human involvement. All analysis and trading done in-house, based on a combination of industry knowledge and academic research.


We have no investors, which means we can make decisions quickly and without friction. The market is constantly evolving, and we are a small company that is easily able to adapt its technology while maintaining profitability.

Driven by public data

We exclusively use public data. There are no assets under management. Profits are pure.

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